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Toyota Camry is one of the top vehicles in the world. It has been on sale for many years and millions of people have benefited from its good features. Toyota Camry has excellent capacity to hold up. It also has a very efficient power steering system that gives it an advantage over other cars. It has good handling and is able to corner well and Dodge obstacles on the road.

The Toyota Camry has some of the most advanced crash test scores and this feature has made it more popular among auto critics and drivers around the world. This model also scores very high when it comes to the safety rating on several roads around the world. It scored more than twenty-five hundred out of a hundred and fifty points in a side impact test. This means that the safety system in the car is extremely effective and it can resist heavy collision.

The Toyota Camry is very maneuverable and handles well on roads. It has a five-point harness with ten pound breaking capacity that is locked and secured by a locking mechanism. There is also a driver's knee cushion which gives great support during sudden driving. In addition, there is a strong support in the front and side sections. This type of system reduces pressure on the body and protects the driver from any kind of injury during an accident. It also provides great protection to the passenger who will be seated in front.

The safety system in the vehicle has five airbags. These airbags help prevent passengers from being ejected from the vehicle during an accident and they also provide support for the driver and passenger if he or she has to make a sudden stop. There is also a very strong roll cage for additional protection. All these safety features have been tested and certified by an outside third party agency. This means that you are guaranteed a safe ride.

The engine of the Toyota Camry is lightweight and powerful. The car has excellent acceleration and it can accelerate to a speed of ninety miles per hour. The car also has excellent handling and the steering is balanced. The engine is also linked to variable valve timing that helps in offering smooth and precise gear changes. There is also an electronic stability control that offers a smoother ride and strong brakes.

Toyota Camry is a great family car that can be driven comfortably by any one of its generation. The car comes with anti-lock brakes and it also features front and side collision and safety assist systems. Toyota Camry is highly recommended by consumer reports for being a safe car for its passengers. It also has excellent fuel efficiency and low rate of fuel consumption, which make it a good buy. Therefore, it is wise to purchase this car if you want to drive safely.


Toyota Camry safety scores help you and your family stay more confident but the most significant factor is still the driver.

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